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S69-31740 - NASA has designated these three astronauts to be the primary crew for the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. Neil A. Armstrong is the commander, Michael Collins is the command module pilot, and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. is a lunar module pilot. From left to right are Neil A. Armstrong (commander), Michael Collins (command module pilot), and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. For their mission, Armstrong and Aldrin wore the Speedmaster ST 105.012 and Collins wore the ST 145.012.

The 1969 Yellow Gold tudor replica BA145.022

Omega gave NASA astronauts a special gift in 1969 at a dinner held on the 25th of November in Houston, Texas, to honor their courage. Omega's first gold Speedmaster, and its first numbered edition,replica wathces were housed in a special box replicating the surface of the Moon.

Referen├ža BA 145.022, 1969 Yellow Gold tudor replica Tribute To Apollo XI ((c) Revolution).

Auctions have seen prices of one of the 1 014 examples of the BA 145.022 rise with an aptly rocket-like trajectory to just below the hundred thousand dollar mark. Aurel Bacs is the master of vintage watches, and the auctioneer extraordinaire. "People ask me often what the next Paul Newman Daytona watch is," he says. This yellow gold Speedmaster, from 1969, has the potential to capture people's imaginations because of both its unique looks and the mythology surrounding it.

The first two watches were given as gifts to Richard Nixon, and Spiro AGnew. However, both were forced to decline them due to the high value of the watches. This is a mistake that both estates regret to this day.

Number 1 of 1014 was the Omega 145.022 intended for President Richard Nixon

tudor replica 145.022-69 is a landmark model for the brand,Panerai Luminor Replica Watches as it was the foundation for all Speedmaster Professionals that followed in a continuous chain of production up to today.

The faithfulness of Omega to the iconic 145.022 blue print is one of the main reasons why a new generation of vintage lovers is so obsessed with the watch. It is essentially the same as the original watch from 1969.

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